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Lynell Bevels is a Bay Area native, growing up in San Francisco during the heyday of the beloved 49ER Franchise. A fan of local sports, including the Raiders and the Warriors, Lynell has been helping individuals tackle their financial goals, via specialized home financing solutions, in order to purchase, refinance, or renovate their homes, for more than three decades. Lynell became a licensed real estate agent in her late teens while working for a small Mortgage Broker, who challenged the status quo by becoming one of the first Minority Owned Development Firms to build a new housing development in the city of East Palo Alto.

Lynell is committed to financial literacy and has partnered with many community organizations and realtors over the years to bring the message of home ownership and responsible lending to many communities throughout the Bay Area. At a young age, Lynell learned the power of community by watching her mentor navigate city policies and politics, all in support of growing the city’s tax base. Lynell also learned the mechanics of the mortgage loan process, real estate sales & marketing, housing development, and the importance of integrity, fluid knowledge, and commitment in order to help people, wherever they are, in their journey toward financial freedom.

Fun facts, Lynell has a twin brother (no, they’re not identical), three younger sisters, all of whom have children. The matriarch of her family is her Grandmother, who was born in Oklahoma, where her Grandfather was part of the Choctaw Nation. Lynell’s Grandmother always instilled a work ethic.